The C0emission of a wine box along the entire lifecycle is 82% lower than for glass bottles.* Yes, you heard us. E-i-g-h-t-y-t-w-o.

An open wine bottle spoils within days. Open boxes last easily for 6 weeks. Vacuum, baby.

We are sure you have seen the beautiful, mouth blown carafe from HAY. It will be yours forever, if you decide to join the club. Perfect for those moments, when a paper box on the table won't do for fancy reasons. Join the club. It will be good.

78% less water is used in the process of producing our boxes than for glass bottles.* Great, so more wine can be made.

You won’t need a cellar to store your wine. The boxes block out the light, so you can easily put them right on your living room shelf or fridge.

Our boxes are made out of thicker cartons than the usual BiB. For a good reason: this way they can be sent via post without an extra layer of packaging.Yay environment!

Broken glass because a bottle fell: Not your problem anymore.

A boxed wine fits perfectly into your fridge using every, badly needed, centimeter that wine bottles waste with their drama behavior of a form. 

Bring out your trash anytime time of the day. No more annoyed neighbors at 2AM because, well, glass.

The carton, as well as the bag, can be easily recycled in your household waste.

A glass bottle easily weighs 500g. Without the wine that is. Take that times four and boom: you are carrying 2 extra Kilo on top of 3 liters of wine. 2 kilos, that you could easily swap with some of this super runny, mindblowing french cheese.

The wine cools through much faster than a thick glass bottle after being put in the fridge. In fact: Just leave it there and have your perfectly fresh white wine on tap whenever it's needed. 

You are having friends over for dinner but don’t know how much wine to get? You’ll be safe with our box: use what you need, keep the rest for at least 6 weeks. Plus: Did we mention the carrying of glass bottles? Oh yeah, we did.

We source our wine directly from the vineyard. This way we are in total control of the quality and know that our winemakers are getting their fair share.

We bet with you, there were those weeks where your glass waste was overflowing and it got more and more annoying taking it out. Not anymore my friend! Let’s end this vicious circle. Right. Now.

Your wine will never roll away from you. We promise.

Because who doesn’t love some math with wine: Per cubic meter, you can store almost 800 liters of wine in our boxes. And only very sad 300 liters in bottles. Considering rents today, a simple choice for any wine lover.

We know you know it. And if you don’t yet, we know you will never want to stop anymore: the feeling of letting the wine flow out of the box. The sound, the color, THE SOUND. You will never go back.


*Nordic Life Cycle Assessment Wine Package Study 2010