We believe if every restaurant in town has its own house wine, it's about time your "HAUS" gets one too.

Let’s be honest: we all know the feeling of standing in front of a wine shelf, looking for any familiar names, and then picking the most beautiful designed bottle, crossing the fingers, it will taste ok.

We grew out of the age when lukewarm wine from the late-night shop would do for a spontaneous aperitif. We value a proper wine, knowing who produced it. Yet not all of us own our a wine cellar and or are able to talk about vintages over dinner.

We imagined the luxury of someone sending us great wine, that is not some anonymous supermarket Cuvée. A HAUS/WINE that will make us look like we have our shit together and an alternative to the tons of glass bottles. Something that matched our idea of taste, sustainability, and social responsibility. We found: nothing.

That's why we created the HAUS/WINE Club.

No more worries about running out of proper wine. No more ugly bottles that go to the trash, thanks to a super beautiful carafe (Cheers HAY Design!). And so much less CO2 for our beautiful planet.

Join us here.

Welcome to the family!